Wuhan sanitation "special" commando "tangerine + white"

Wuhan sanitation "special" commando "tangerine + white"

邬 Jianbo in work.

According to Jin Yumong, four small garbage trucks kept patrolling in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone, seeing the abandoned mask, cleaned up in time, then concentrated on the large clear garbage truck, sent directly to nearly 50 kilometers away. New Dunge Incineration Field in Dongxihu District of Wuhan.

"We have an average of about 20,000 to collect the clearing and abandoned masks. It is more than 40 kilograms of abandoned masks.

"Xiao Yong said," Our development zone, including Hannan District (the two mergers in 2014), the area is too large. Now because of the prevention and control of the epidemic, garbage can not be transferred, so it is sent directly to the treatment plant by our garbage customs.

From the inspection jurisdiction to the treatment plant, you have to run more than 200 kilometers per day. "It is understood that Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone is located in the southwest of Wuhan City, planning control area square kilometers." The entire development zone, there are more than 100 garbage clearance points, we have to run.

Xiao Yong said. 16 people "Special" Assault Team Zhang Chunxiang is one of the 16 commanders that entered the cleaning of severe isolation wards.

"They must be responsible for the daily cleaning, garbage collection and clearing of the fixed hospital, and the crankshaft hospitals." Xiao Yong said, "Now the patient has increased dramatically, the collection of kitchen garbage, the collection of waste, they are also very large, they Now three meals are in the ward, and they have to be dragged, disinfected.

"And the Qing Dynasty, the commander of the Qing Dynasty, is also 16 players, responsible for the isolation point of 4 fixed-point hospitals, more than a dozen medical observations, domestic garbage, and all management The clearing work of the abandoned mask. "Two teams are 16 people, which is completely a coincidence.

Xiao Yong said that there were more than 100 garbage clearance vehicles, and there were 8 cars that can be duty at present conditions, and each car must have 2 people. Therefore, the Qing Yun commando is just 16 people.

"I am a command received during January 23, I want to quickly set up a commando." Xiao Yong recalled that most of the employees have taken leave back to the Spring Festival. "I said in the company’s group. And the company’s situation, let everyone join the actual situation and voluntarily registered.

The family is in Wuhan, and the people who have never come and leave are all registered. I am very touched. "" They have the longest 60 years old, the smallest 30 years old. " This is an assault team with average age of four or five, and the degree of cultural degree is not high.

"Xiao Yong said," When we register, we still want to persuade a few years old because they are susceptible people. But they said that there are too little hands and stick to it.

"In addition, this is also a party member" hang "sanitation commando.

General Manager and Party Secretary Zhang Bowen and Xiao Yong have always been a non-stop mode from New Year’s Eve, and it is fighting each assault.

"We are communist party members, epidemic prevention and control, and no loans.

"They said.