Yihai Jiari Jinlong Fish, Changming: The chef is committed to sending a delicious and convenient prefabricated vegetables

Yihai Jiari Jinlong Fish, Changming: The chef is committed to sending a delicious and convenient prefabricated vegetables

On November 10, the fourth session of the Expo was successfully closed. In this year, there are nearly 3,000 companies in 127 countries and regions, including the Yihai Jia, Jinlong Fish Parent Company, which has been exhibited for four consecutive participation.

Yihai Jiari Group Director’s director’s Director’s director is in an interview, and it is a good platform to enter the Expo, and it is a platform for a good propaganda. You can introduce new products and philosophy to consumers. In the interview, Dao Chang Ming said in the site of this session, and he said that the products displayed in this year’s booth pay more attention to nutritional health and meet the needs of different consumers. For example, Fengyi International Exhibition High-end Organic Brand Yoji Park Each is available from the Organic Olive Oil of the Spanish Mediterranean Meal, Coconut Country Philippines Organic Coconut Oil and Kazakh Organic Sunflower Oil.

In addition, the golden dragon fish in Russia and Ukraine is freshly squeezed, and the original appearance will be debuted. In addition to bringing people’s consumer products, this year’s Fengyi International has brought the concept of central kitchen projects that have been expected to be expected by the outside world, so that this rising star gradually unveiled in front of the public. Mysterious veil. It is also focused on the Group’s launch of the central kitchen concept. With many years in the field of food and agricultural products, Yihai Kerry inspects the development potential of domestic catering prefabricated markets. It extends as a core in the center kitchen, one-stop realization of ingredients upstream and downstream, and the fence is born .

The chef relying on the group’s all-category grain and oil products and global supply chain advantages, building a central kitchen park in the national layout, and creates a Chinese-dining industrialized ecological chain platform with grain staple food.

Future chef will fully cover the student meal, community meal, convenient, prefabricated dishes, seasonings, Chinese and western faces, soup desserts, etc., are committed to sending more delicious, healthy, and convenient prefabricated dishes . The bread in the baking demonstration in the fourth-year entrance site is made of refrigeration dough. This is also used in our chef products, the processing is very convenient, saves it and faces, and wakes up. Many steps. Drawing is said.

Tu Changming, in addition to the dazzling healthy products displayed in the Expo site, Yihai Jiary also has a growing nutritional health demand for consumers, based on the existing rice, face, oil and plant protein industry chain, through continuous technology research and development And a deep processing, develop some healthy foods that are both suitable for daily consumption, and nutrients. Through the modern central kitchen industry park, these R & D results are transformed into mature products, and provide nutritional health foods and nutrition health programs such as the elderly, specific chronic patients, etc., to constantly meet the public and diverse Consumption demand.

Finally, Tu Changming introduced the future development focus of Jinlongfish. First, in the existing basis, improve product quality, increase product added value; Second, layout health food research and development, production and central kitchen projects on the existing basis. Continuous development of products that meet the diversification of nutritional health function food, and optimistic about the central kitchen project. I believe that the central kitchen should be a kitchen industry revolution, and future development will play a huge role in the development of the company. It is said that Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.