Wang Guangfa: Social Doctors must pay attention to meeting patients’ personalization, differentiation needs

Wang Guangfa: Social Doctors must pay attention to meeting patients’ personalization, differentiation needs

Wang Guangfa, the Chairman of the Leguan Group, Wang Guangfa, Beijing, China, China, Beijing, China, China (Reporter Ren Hao) Recently, the People’s Network · People’s Health, the 2021 National Council "Healthy Chinese" Series Round Table Forum is held in Beijing. On March 3, in the aim of "Focus on the Social Doctor High Quality Development Promotion of Social Doctor’s Hospital Connotation" Published your own point of view. Wang Guangfa believes that we must first strengthen the legal compliance management of social doctors. Legal compliance management should cover all aspects of service quality and clinical medical technology, gradually meet the individual, differentiated needs of patients. He said that it is an important supplementary part of the national public medical institution. It is one of the important responsibilities of the social system, which can a large extent to disperse the medical pressure of national public medical institutions.

"The country has continuously proposes new policies, new standards, and new requirements in promoting the healthy development of social system, and this is the incentive and affirmation of social doctors.

"Wang Guangfa said that in today’s socialization, marketization today, social doors should pay more attention to public welfare undertakings, and seek their own development of the country’s finance.

Wang Guangfa said that the development of future medical doctors should move towards comprehensive disciplines, clinical trials, academic research and development, talent training and retainer construction and high-precision talents into several ways to gradually realize the beautiful desire to drive with public medical institutions. At the forum, Wang Guangfa made a view on the innovation of the social system.

He said that social doctors should further improve the goal of high-precision medical services, increase scientific research, with high-precision technology, and improve medical service strength.

Social Doctors should put more medical services to the community, send health to the community people, to fully promote the construction of healthy China to pay a foot-to-earth effort.