Taiwan’s new north kindergarten group gathering infection increased to 23 people and have expanded the community

Taiwan’s new north kindergarten group gathering infection increased to 23 people and have expanded the community

Xinhua News Agency, Taipei, September 8 (Reporter Chen Jixing, Jiang Tingting) On the 8th of the Pop Epidemic Command Center in Taiwan, the new 7 cases of new coronary pneumonia have a case involve a new Northern kindergarten group infection in New Taipei City.

The incident has been diagnosed with a total of 6 cases in the same community; in addition, 10 have appeared in sequences infected with Delta variants. The person in charge of the Epidemic Command Center said that this event has been expanded to the community, "may also increase quite" cases.

Regarding the source of the infection, the person in charge said that it is still unable to judge, "may not find the source". Statistics show that the event is 1062 contacts in the current confirmed cases, of which 1013 people have isolated; 1013 people have received nucleic acid detection, 22 people positive, 358 people, 633 results did not come out. The New North Government said on the 8th that it will take more stringent standard epidemic prevention, 9th to 15th, and there is a restaurant, food street, superchard, market, night market, etc. The hotel is also suspended, and the scenery of the scenic area is down 50%.

At the same time, it will strengthen the campus epidemic prevention, and the class of nucleic acid detection of the home isolation has not been confirmed, and the school class of the school, including the provincial, and the elimination class must prevent sexual suspension.

For the latest epidemics, the Taiwan Medicine Cai Mingzhong said in the media that Taiwan has become a bird’s bird from "anti-prevention model students" today, "talking about viral color change", which makes people have to examine the vaccine of the epidemic prevention failure. Problem.

The authorities should be honest and courage to review, do "the worst integration and the best preparation", including accelerate vaccination, expand anti-blocking, improve the volume of inspection, reinforce medical logistics resources, and improve the three-level warning again All preparations, do more prevention, can not be lucky.

At the statistics of Taiwan, there are currently 16056 cases of new coronal pneumonia, including 14,557 cases of local confirmed cases; 837 deaths in 2020, including 827 cases of local cases.

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